Saturday, June 15, 2013

Uncommon or Not? PHS & Food Preparation by Feel

Once upon a time, I tried really hard but was a terrible cook.

I LOVED baking though! Made the most amazing peanut butter cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, spice cakes and blueberry pies. I carried around between 20-30 pounds more than I need to because of it.

But even when I switched to alternatives and supposedly healthier versions of flour and sugar, I was chronically sick, moody, and still overweight as well.
RA explaining PHS (the video that inspired
me to get a reading & learn what mine was)
Since I went mostly raw, gluten-free and paleo early in 2012, that all changed - even more so after discovering I am supposed to ingest my food cooler than my body temperature for best digestion according to my Human Design Personal Health System.

Now, one of my skills is making raw (dehydrated) herb crackers, chips and spice cookies - oh, yeah, sometimes with meat in them! I am often told I should write a book with recipes for people interested in Raw Paleo. =)

But how do I transmit to written word the art of crafting in-the-moment, appropriate for my current health and nutrition needs, my raw paleo food creations that change with every meal?

Besides, no one diet is perfect for everyone. Since I met my Human Design, and learned my Personal Health System (a fairly recent development), I no longer preach my nutrition beliefs or attempt to convince anyone of anything. I just write or share when I'm inspired or asked.

One of the things I've learned is to create meals by feel. Now I tend to reach for various organic herbs and spices to add variety to my meals. I have a large variety now of different herbs and spices from MaisonTerre, sometimes because I know of its health benefits or taste, sometimes just because I feel adventurous, and sometimes I just follow an inner feeling.

This feeling is what I'm now calling food preparation by feel. It's become a wonderful creative process, where I sometimes learn by trial and error, but mostly, everything comes out incredibly tasty and satisfying. I really attribute most of my success to quality ingredients - everything organic, as well as local and fresh whenever possible.

With so many recipes out there, is food preparation by feel as uncommon as it seems? Anyone else out there  having experiences with food similar to mine? I'd love to hear about your experiments with food and especially your Human Design PHS.

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