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Highly Effective Herbal Ingredient for Poison Ivy Treatments: Goldenseal

Highly Effective Herbal Ingredient for Poison Ivy Treatments: Goldenseal

Poison Ivy
Poison ivy is a plant that contains one of the deadliest natural poisons on the planet the toxin known as urushiol. When Poison Ivy comes into contact with human skin, a rash will result, characterized by swelling, blisters, terrible itching and pain. If you scratch the affected skin, poison ivy rash spreads rapidly during the first three days.

Besides pain and itching, the effects of rubbing up against this poisonous plant may cause red bumps, intense sensations of burning and inflammation, as well as fever. Symptoms may appear anywhere from a few hours to ten days after the original contact with the plant.

If you’ve gotten a Poison Ivy rash, keep itching and pain to a minimum while the rash is active by  avoiding direct sun and heavy physical exertion to keep from breaking out in a sweat. Refrain from ingesting all forms of caffeine (which elevates histamine levels and increases the itching). Promptly and properly treat your poison ivy rash to keep the symptoms to a minimum, as Poison Ivy rash can cause great suffering if left untreated.


Goldenseal and Aloe – highly effective herbal treatments for Poison Ivy

Mother Nature has provided many safe and natural remedies for poison ivy, including the highly effective Goldenseal. Goldenseal is not only effective in preventing and treating the common cold when taken internally but also works effectively for a variety of health conditions, including the topical treatment of Poison Ivy. Goldenseal root has also been used to draw out poison oak's toxins.

Aloe Vera with Goldenseal is known for its beneficial soothing and healing properties when applied liberally to Poison Ivy affected areas.

To create a soothing, healing topical remedy for Poison Ivy, mix Goldenseal Root and Aloe Vera gel and apply directly to the rash. The aloe works to stop the skip from scarring. To take internally, add 1 teaspoon of dried root in 8 ounces of boiling water for 10-20 minutes; sweeten with stevia if desired.

Poison Ivy Rash

Other natural remedies for Poison Ivy Rash that you can add Goldenseal to:

Oatmeal and Goldenseal for Poison Ivy

Boil oatmeal in water as you would if you were going to eat it. Let it cool for a few minutes, add Goldenseal powder, then apply warm directly to the affected area. Mixture should be applied until a thick layer forms. It will harden as it dries. Most people swear by this treatment, which is sometimes combined with a tablespoon or two of baking soda for extra relief.

Baking soda and Goldenseal for Poison Ivy

Mix 3 teaspoons of baking soda with a teaspoon of Goldenseal to 1.5 teaspoons of water until a thick paste forms. Apply to the rash and let dry. Another tried-and-true method for many poison ivy sufferers is full immersion into a soothing baking soda and oatmeal goldenseal bath.

Apple Cider Vinegar with Goldenseal for Poison Ivy

This combination seems to help draw out the "poison" from poison ivy rash and also helps healing.

Banana peel with Goldenseal for Poison Ivy

The inside of a banana peel combined with Goldenseal and placed on poison ivy rashes seems to bring instant, cooling relief.

For more information on the many healing properties of Goldenseal click here (this is where I buy my Organic Goldenseal Root Powder).

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